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Rammed earth and bamboo house in Nepal stand through earthquake

Amid all the sadness and suffering that is happening in Nepal at the moment, there is at least one positive story to cling on to. A house built out of natural materials, namely earth and bamboo, has stood up well to the forces of the 7.8 earthquake. All those hours researching and implementing the different techniques for trying to ensure that the building was able to stand through an earthquake are very very worthwhile.

I hope that the Nepali's take this opportunity to embrace the use of natural materials in the rebuilding of their country. They are available and abundent in the woods around them and the ground below their feet, without the need for paying large sums of money to cement or brick factories. This is vital. Narayan, who's rammed earth house we helped build, is carrying on the good work out there. Here is his website:

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