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We have experience offering a wide range of design services. we offer a holistic service, including:


Concept designs

Full planning application

Building Regulations

Construction drawings 

Prior Approval Applications

Listed Building Consent


Our design process is consensus led, allowing us to guide the process towards the building that has always been imagined, balancing client and site requirements with a focus on sustainability in terms of materials used and building performance.   You can read more about the design and build model here. 

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At Red Kite we have successfully delivered a large

variety of construction projects, Predominantly as

primary contractor and project manager, but also as subcontractors and acting as part of a consortium for a large publicly funded project. Our knowledge of different materials and construction techniques means that we can make the most site and client appropriate choice. We focus on using local and sustainable materials, but have in-house skills of most construction techniques. Our focus is not only delivery for our client, but also keeping an ordered site for the safety of our own team. 


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                                                             As certified Passive House designers and consultants, we offer design and                                                                construction services for passive house projects. A passive house represents the highest efficiency buildings that we can construct, meaning that they require little heating or cooling. In order to achieve this a design needs to be modelled to see how it will perform, this can then be tweaked to enhance performance. In order to construct a passive house details around thermal bridging and air tightness need to be maintained on site in order to ensure performance of the building, so using a company who understands this can be advantageous. In a heating planet and in a time of increasing energy bills it makes complete sense to construct passively, and we can advise and help to guide this process.

Passive House

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                                                                Due to our wide ranging knowledge that                                                                               incorporates not only design but also construction we can act as consultants advising self builders or companies. This can involve us working alongside a self builder and engineer to develop construction details and create comprehensive drawings for construction. Or it can involve providing tailored advice for builders wanting to use specific construction methods, including site visits. We can also come and inspect an existing property and advise and survey what measures could be made to make it more energy efficient. 


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