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Wishel Meadow


Hidden away in a wildflower meadow this timber framed house will be used for holidays for families with children with learning difficulties, something which can be difficult to find suitable options for families. It aims to create a healthy, calm and cosy environment.

Design - Replacing a now disused stable block the concept behind the design was to create an inclusive and warm space for vulnerable people. Internally the building layout ensures private space is available when required, whilst also ensuring that there is a connection to the security of the open plan living room. The roof is all curved and the corners of the lime plaster is also curved to soften the space. Externally the building draws upon local bow topped agricultural barn aesthetic to give an unobtrusive view to the roadside, which transforms into a living roof to meet the garden and meadow.


Completed in spring 2022, it has a timber frame structure insulated with warmcell and is internally lime plastered. The building is clad externally in UK sourced timber. 

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