The Rooster, Wiltshire

In the autumn of 2017 we designed and built a 46m2 building on a farm in Wiltshire. We designed the building to make a striking connection between to the two adjacent dwellings, drawing elements of materials and form from both whilst also creating a autonomous feature in itself. The internal focus was on expansive and functional spaces that celebrated the use of some local and sustainable materials. 

The building was constructed out of a timber frame, insulated throughout with natural materials. The internal and external walls were lime rendered to give a fully breathable wall construction. The pointed roof was built out of green oak from Somerset, traditionally jointed. A green roof section links the new building to the existing, this has been planted with various (Piet Ouldolf style) grasses that will be visible from below when fully grown. A part of the project we also built a sun room onto the end of one of the existing buildings, it was orientated to help heat the building, bring in evening light and make the most of the view.