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 Extension, Almorah Road, Bristol

We were asked to design an extension which would give more space and light to the living spaces of the house, whilst still working to a reasonably tight budget. It was decided that a side return was un-necessary, so we design an almost full width extension onto the house, providing a central courtyard space that could be used for storage and keep light pouring into the heart of the house. We also delivered the construction phase of the build, maximising the use of natural materials, with a timber frame construction utilising locally sourced douglas fir for the exposed rafters. The building was finished with lime plaster internally to give a breathable and beautiful finish. Reclaimed pine floorboards were used on the floor to match the existing house. A new striking and modern kitchen was installed with an ash worktop. We were also able to design in a new downstairs loo below the stairs by changing the circulation through the house. A glass awning to the front of the extension creates a shelter during wet weather and is a striking design feature. The whole building was topped off with a sedum green roof. 

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