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Horns Road, Stroud

In 2019 we designed and built a 2 storey and side return extension onto a house in Stroud. The client wanted to remodel the house to create new space for a growing family. The design aimed to create an open plan kitchen and dining area, with bedroom above, which maximised light into the north facing rear aspect of the property whilst maximising thermal efficiency. The new sections were naturally insulated timber frame construction whilst the existing walls were externally insulated. The new first floor bedroom had large windows to provide views of the garden, and tie beams allowed a vaulted ceiling to give a more spacious feel to the room, as well as additional light from skylights. Externally the building was clad in larch timber and lime rendered.  Built in one of Stroud's conservation areas, the detailed planning application also included a sun study to examine any potential overshadowing impacts, as well as inform the daylighting design.

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